I'm a really hairy girl


Please, before you demand women to remove every hair on their bodies, imagine having to shave and risking cutting yourself. Imagine having to use depilatory creams and risk chemically burning yourself. Or at the very least smelling like death while you sit for 10 minutes waiting for the protein in your hair to literally break down. Imagine pouring hot wax on yourself only to have to rip it off, repeating that on every inch of your body, including your face, sometimes causing you to bleed.

Now imagine hearing this message day in and day out that having hair makes you disgusting and undesirable. Imagine reluctantly buying your first razor or wax kit as a 13 year old and hiding in the bathroom as you remove what you have been taught as shame. 

Imagine having to do that every week. 

Please be careful with your words, especially around impressionable young women. 

b.e.fitzgerald (via spybrarian)

A bearded lady is the only thing society should fear.
She does not see ugly in the mirror anymore.
She adorns her glorious mane with blood red bows
and braids in the broken promises of her father.
Razors were once used to chop herself down to size,
make it easier for men to chew her up.
For her thirteenth birthday she was given a pack neon Bic’s.
He started to call her beautiful
but the kisses always stopped at the stubble.
It only took a few weeks for the blade to find it’s way
to collar bones,
and hips.
It took her a few years to realize
her demons could not be shaved away.
She learned eye contact is essential in taming the beast.
Everyday, it became easier to love her scruffy face.
The pink guillotine has now found its way to the bottom drawer.
The scars are starting to look like kindred spirits
and her beard now reaches down to her belly button.
It is a testament to how many days she
has survived without your grace.
A bearded a lady is lady saved herself.
Be afraid.


I will not apologise for my body.
I will not apologise for what my body grows.
I will not apologise for what I do with my body.

I have hair, I have bumps, I have lumps. 

I have wiggle and wobbles.

I am me.


imagine a world in which a female celebrity doesn’t make the front page just bc she didn’t shave her legs/arms/whatever

(via hairyharmony)


If society accepts female cats with fur, why can’t it accept women having body hair? They’re not going to make all the female cats shave their fur. 

You're always beautiful (direct quotes from my boyfriend)

Me:how do you feel about facial hair?
Bf:indifferent. Stubble is cool, but if you're clean shaven that's cool too. Or even a Dumbledore beard. Cool.
Me:what about body hair?
Bf:again, I don't really care. Everyone has different amounts of it and I like that. I like that everyone is different.
Me:what would you do if I put on weight?
Bf:umm.. Nothing? I put of weight all the time, then I loose it then I put it back on. I don't care, you're always beautiful.


So if men have all of their body hair they are seen as being ‘REAL men’ but women have to shave every inch of their natural hair to be seen as ‘REAL women’??

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