I'm a really hairy girl


I am the only one who does this orr…

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let me sleep in ur stupid t-shirts and hold ur dumb hand u piece of shit

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Shameful things


For those who don’t know what hirsutism is, I say in an abbreviated way that: is when a person is very hairy. Almost all the boys are hairy beings, it is “normal”, but when a lady is hairy, people say it is “problem”. Of course, hirsutism means that you have hair in areas where you shouldn’t. Also, it is thick as in men, maybe long and let’s say, generous.

I’ve seen girls with beard and chest hair, my case is not so intense. I mean, my whole body is covered. It varies, goes from fuzz to a macho hair, yes I’ve compared. My tummy is the less feminine part of my body, it actually looks more masculine than my brother’s belly.

The causes: my ovaries are out of control! They produce more testosterone than they should. I’m allergic to the medicines that help to control it and I have to live with it, seeing how it gets worse.

I’m gonna try to write often, sorry for my English I am practicing, you can correct me ;)


inshAllah this hair stops growing. it depresses me so much


no one knows your body as well as you do so dont let other people tell you what you can and cant do with it (◡‿◡✿)

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think about what your dog would say to you if he knew how much you hated yourself

this just changed my life

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